Welcome To The Brand New 1967 Listening Station

Our 1967 Series sparked a number of radio specials ... some of which are now posted here.  


Our brand new "Summer Of Love" / Top 50 Chicagoland Countdown premiered on Phil Nee's "Those Were The Days" program on Saturday, June 24th ... and now, no matter where you live, you can listen to the entire Top 50 Countdown (along with comments from many of the artists featured) via the sound clips below.


Here's another show we did with Phil Nee of WRCO - Richland Center, Wisconsin ... each of us picked some of our favorite tunes from 1967! Broken into six easy to listen to installments, this program first aired on Saturday, April 8th, as part of Phil's regular "Those Were The Days" radio program. Enjoy! ('Cause if we ever do it again, we'll probably pick an entirely different list of favorites!  lol)


Earlier this year we did a similar countdown on Mark Dawson's "Making Noise With Mark Dawson" radio program ... and you can now listen to THAT entire broadcast here, too!


Mark's program airs Thursday Nights on OurGenerationRadio.com ... and it's ALWAYS a fun show to listen to!  Check it out here:
"Making Noise with Mark Dawson" is the show ...

www.MarkDawson.us is my website ... and

OurGenerationRadio.com is the station - 
Thursday nights at 9 PM eastern time


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